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1 000 PhP. Return
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First loan: Maximum amount: Loan term:
500 - 20 000 PhP 20 000 PhP 90-180 days
0.00% interest rate for new clients
1 170 PhP. Return
1 000 PhP. Take
170 PhP. Overpayment
First loan: Maximum amount: Loan term:
500 - 25 000 PhP 25 000 PhP 60 - 180 days
0.16% interest rate for new clients

Need 500 PHP for a credit card?

Do you need 500 PHP for a card urgently? A few days before the salary, but you need the money now? Not enough money for repairs, household appliances or a brand new handbag? Can you plan a trip with your family? But it also happens that you lost your phone, or the vacuum cleaner broke. If you are facing financial difficulties, there are several ways to solve them. It doesn't matter how much you need - you may be wondering where to get a mini-loan on a card urgently.

You can turn to friends and relatives to borrow money. But this option is not always successful, because often you need to explain what you need money for.

You can try to contact an institution or a bank branch, but be prepared that you need to collect certificates from work, they will call by phone to work or to friends to identify your identity ... In a word, this can take several days, and not always the answer will be positive.

Another option is to contact a pawnshop to pawn a certain business.

The best option of the above would be to apply for a loan on a card urgently.

Loans in the Philippines appeared not so long ago, but they have shown their reliability and relevance in such a difficult time. It's convenient, affordable and fast.

No need to collect income statements, photocopies of passports, call relatives or stand in queues at banks. For a loan on a card of 500 PHP urgently, or if you need 2000 on a card online, you do not need to take a lot of photos and fill out a million questionnaires. You don't even need to leave the house. An online credit on a card is convenient in that you receive money in 15 minutes. To do this, you only need a passport, an identification code and access to the Internet.

Why exactly Moneytochka?

  • we make out at any time, weekends and holidays, even at night;
  • it is not necessary to be officially employed,
  • all loans at 0.01%;
  • funds are credited to the card in 15 minutes;
  • loan term up to 30 days;
  • we work only with trusted financial institutions;
  • a minimum package of documents is required (passport and identification code);
  • all personal data of the client are protected by the system and are not distributed to third parties.

How to get a loan?

To apply for a loan, you need to decide how much you need to borrow. The next step is to fill out an online questionnaire. The more accurately and truthfully you fill out the questionnaire, the more likely it will be a positive answer to your question. You can try to contact several partners at the same time to increase the chances of a positive response. After filling out the questionnaire, we are waiting for the decision of the system - and the money is already on your card!

Therefore, four steps need to be taken:

  • on the website, select the amount you need to receive and the term of the loan,
  • fill out an online form;
  • choose a profitable partner (all loan conditions are already detailed);
  • get money on the card.

Everyone in life is faced with a situation when you need to take a loan on a card urgently. or an instant loan with no downtime. This could be for repairs, plumbing, large or small appliances, travel, or tuition, medical treatment, or utility bills. Taking out a loan is the best solution so as not to postpone your plans for the future.

Try to pay off your loan or loan on time. If you understand that you are late with payment, it is better to contact the lender to resolve this issue by prolonging the loan or changing the terms of the loan.

If you repay the loan on time or ahead of schedule, a positive credit history is formed for you, and the chances that the loan can be issued again grow.

It will take only 10 seconds for us to send your application to 8 financial institutions in the Philippines

A single online loan application for all financial institutions in the country. Fill in a short form of a single online loan application in a minute. For free, we will select suitable partners, who are ready to issue a loan to you, and we will send them your data for consideration. You will get approval and money from one or several companies today!

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